Fulltext download: Asia Insights 09

Migration Network Connecting South-Southeast Asia: An Evolving Non-traditional Security Threat in Indo-Pacific Region

Debasis Dash (University of Malaya, Malaysia)

Migration is a global phenomenon with over hundreds of millions of people moving across the physical borders, making the cartographic lines demarcating political borders look less relevant and blurred. This trans-border and transnational movement of people have several reasons to it. The phenomenon refers to both voluntary and involuntary movement of people affected by and because of political, social, economic, security and personal reasons. However, irrespective of the type of migration as it happens, there are legitimate security concerns and challenges posed both to the sending and receiving nation-state. While the concerns over the violation of human rights and human dignity remains the core issue, the migration network also provides a fertile ground for both the non-state and state actors to push their devious agenda through the network. Moreover, the flow of migrants irrespective of the ground realities, also creates a favorable condition for human trafficking, slavery, smuggling and development of transnational organized crime networks and growth….(for fulltext, please download AI-09)




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