Fulltext download: Asia Insights 13

Opportunities and Challenges for Taiwan-India Strategic and Security Cooperation under the New Situation

Ming-Shih Shen (Institute for National Defense and Security Research(INDSR), Taiwan)

Taiwan and India started to contact each other in mid-1990s, and it had experienced a period of try and error over what could be done by the both sides. At that time, India launched a Look East policy with a gFrom a few year ago, I have proposed many ideas related about Taiwan-India security cooperation, some of them have been put into practice, but some issues still seem to have some hesitates and doubts, making the issue of Taiwan-India security cooperation appear low-key or not the top priority.

In fact, Taiwan-India cooperation began with the establishment of representative offices between two states. From that time on, some cooperation have changed due to factors such as different government’s policy or major international events, such as the 9/11 incident or the US Indo-Pacific strategy.

Of course, the critical factor will be the China. Although there have been stable exchanges in trade and culture between Taiwan and India, but the security cooperation is not increase. Even with the gradual improvement of the QUAD structure of the United States, Japan, India and Australia, and India’s response to the needs of countering China. Because India is not active enough, the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides are still……(for fulltext, please download AI-13)




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