Fulltext download: Asia Insights 14

Commerce can kickstart India-Taiwan Space Relations

Chaitanya Giri (Fellow, Space and Ocean Studies ProgrammeGateway House, Mumbai)

Very rarely do analysts view India-Taiwan relations discounting the pink dragon in the room, the People’s Republic of China. The deficiency of formal diplomatic ties with Taiwan has been the main impediment towards making new overtures towards Taiwan. But the winds of change blowing across global geo- and techno political realms, owing to the Fourth Industrial Age, can potentially open more unique avenues for India-Taiwan co-operation, including the vast panorama of outer space.

India and Taiwan find themselves standing on a similar pedestal when it comes to commercializing their respective space sectors. In May 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration initiated space sector reforms pledging support for the private sector to participate on an equal plinth with the space agency, ISRO, and its sister-concern government-run companies. Secondly, the Indian government has established a new nodal agency, Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Center……(for fulltext, please download AI-14)

Dr. Chaitanya Giri is a Research Fellow of Space and Ocean Studies Programme of Gateway House, Mumbai.




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