AI-06 (Dec. 2018) — India China: Managing Differences and Building Trust, yet again

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India China:
Managing Differences and Building Trust, yet again

Avinash Godbole (Assistant Professor, O.P. Jindal Global University, India)

It is, by now, a well-accepted fact that India China bilateral relations are complex. Not only that, there have been so many downswings in the last decade that a lot of energy has had to be invested in the repair and restore process. Stapled visas and the subsequent standoffs including at Daulat beg Oldi, Chumar, Demchok and the biggest of it all the one in Doklam have threatened to derail the relations. During each incident, meetings and exercise and dialogues and exchange visits were postponed or delayed as tensions built. As a consequence, after each incident, there has been a fresh start. This appears to have entered a loop. The big question is how to manage the cyclical ups and downs better and if it is even possible to get of this pattern.

India China relations also have their own set of lexicons; civilizational connections being one, ancient civilizations with shared history being another. In the post-colonial era….(for fulltext, please download AI-06)

Dr. Avinash Godbole is an Assistant Professor of O.P. Jindal Global University, India. He can be reached via: