Fulltext download: Asia Insights 11

India-China Naval Competition in the Indian Ocean

Abhijit Singh (Head, Maritime Policy Initiative,ORF/Observer Research Foundation, India)

When India’s navy chief, Admiral Sunil Lanba, addressed a press conference in New Delhi on the occasion of Navy Day earlier this month, the spotlight was squarely on emerging naval dynamics in the Indian Ocean. A majority of queries by journalists presented at the interaction concerned India’s moves to combat China’s growing presence in littoral-South Asia.

Admiral Lanba observed that while Chinese naval activity in the Indian Ocean has indeed expanded significantly, the balance-of-regional power remains very much in India’s favour. With a planned upgrade in inventory, including 56 new ships and submarines, the Indian navy, he observed is demonstrating new resolve to be a net security provider in the Indian Ocean region, committed to combating the spectrum of traditional and non-traditional threats. While PLAN has plans to become a superpower by 2050, he noted, the Indian navy is intent on being a “world-class navy with 200….(for fulltext, please download AI-11)

Dr. Abhijit Singh is a Senior Fellow of Observer Research Foundation, India. He can be reached via: abhijitsingh@orfonline.org




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